Really Great Weekend!

It started with volunteering at the TCM race expo Friday.  I had So. Much. Fun!!!  I saw a lot of friends picking up their packets and got to wish them well for the race.  I was on my feet working from 11-3, didn’t even take a bathroom break…I was having that much fun!

Cinc De Mayo Friday night with the Beckham’s and Michelle’s brother’s family…lot’s and lot’s of really great food!  Maybe a few good drinks as well.  🙂 

Saturday we did Mothers Day a weekend early.  I prefer a day trip, or outdoor activity of some sort, just the 3 of us for Mothers day.  Since we knew the weather was going to be amazing this weekend I asked if we could do it a weekend early.  Took a day trip to Camano Island, and BBQ’d at the state park.  Let Sky run around and toss rocks in the ocean for a good hour at least.  (Pics to follow in a few days!)

Today started with Sky and I hightailing it to the 10 mile water station on the marathon course to see all our friends run past.  We got there just in time to see the leader come through, see several friends we didn’t know were running fly past, and see all the friends I did know were running.  Sky gave out some pounds, high fives, and made a dash onto the course to run a bit herself.  Then she hit “I’m so done with this” phase and we left. 

I had so much fun cheering people on and seeing all the runners stream past!  It’s the first time I have been able to purposely make a point of being a spectator.  I’m usually either running, or we have busy weekend plans.  Totally makes me appreciate the effort spectators put in to spectate!   

Random runners…no one I know.  I wanted to get a shot of the runners, but didn’t want to try and get one of anyone I knew and risk missing them.

The 10 mile water station was also the station in front of Fleet Feet, we had good company working the station/cheering.  (That is totally a shadow of me taking the pic!)

Sky eating breakfast, watching runners go past, wondering why the aren’t interested in her attempt to high five them.
We wrapped up a pretty great weekend with an impromptu bbq with the Beckham’s!

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