Happy Friday!

It’s sunny here!!!  And, going to be a warm weekend!  We are taking advantage of the 80’ish degree weather tomorrow and heading to the beach.  It’s not very often we can plan a trip to the beach and know we are going to have great weather.  Just a quick little day trip, but will be nice to sneak away for the day. 

And, I can stop being jealous of the posts I see coming out of CA about the pool being up, we are in the 80’s already, summer has started for us. 😉  Sky and I have been out in the sun every day this week and we are LOVEING it!!!

This weekend feels extra special because it’s the last weekend before training starts!  The next 10 weekends (actually every weekend until the end of Sep…that’s what I get for running 3 1/2’s) I will be figuring out how to fit the long runs in on the weekends.  My last weekend of freedom!  🙂

Speaking of training…not ideal to go into the training cycle with a big old bruise on the top of my foot! 

It’s hard to see in this pic, but there is a nice bruise on the top of my foot, in the very spot that already bothers me unless my shoes are laced perfectly.  I’m sure by Tuesday (first training run) it will be much less painful…I hope so anyway. 

No running today.  I’m giving back to running today by volunteering at packet pick-up for Tacoma City Marathon.  Will be on my feet all day long so thought it best to skip the run so as not to overtax the sore foot.  The bruised spot on the bottom of my foot is feeling so much better and I don’t want to aggravate it too much 4 days before the first training run.   

Plus, we are doing Cinco de Mayo tonight, a little early I know.  But, can’t really party Sunday night before school and work.  So, doing it tonight, and have a bit of cooking to do for that.  Actually putting the pork verde in the slow cooker before I leave to volunteer.  It’s going to smell so good when I get home! 

A few Sky pics…

Loves her new sandbox, and loves dancing with her Daddy! 

Tomorrow is our no technology day, so will post beach pics Sunday.

Whatever your plans this weekend, get out in the sun and enjoy it!!!  While you’re at it, cheer on some runners Sunday!  Pretty much anywhere you go on the N End/Downtown Tacoma roads will be closed for the Tacoma City Marathon!  Instead of getting irritated about it, get out and cheer the runners on, it really does help them keep going!  

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