Good Day’s

Yesterday was such a good day I didn’t take the time to post.  Sky had a great day, I had a great day, Mark had a good day at work, the sun was out, picked up the tile for the bathroom!!!!!, and there was a Run Club BBQ at the store.  So much fun in one day! 

Today was another pretty great day!  Sunny, Sky and I got all the grocery shopping done, Sky took a long nap, and then big step here…she spent some time in daycare this afternoon so Mark and I could attend an auction. 

There was complimentary daycare at the auction and we gave it a go, and she did great!  Thank you to Ryan and Elya for inviting us, and to Ryan for peaking in on Sky for us.  We didn’t want her to see us, but were wondering how things were going. 

It seems like in the last few days she is talking so much more, so much clearer, and in complete sentences now and then.  Can’t believe she is almost 2!  

On tap for tomorrow is a morning trail run, and Sky has a b-day party to attend.  Mark cut his hand pretty good, so won’t be working on tile tomorrow, it sure is pretty to look at though. 

Lot’s of running going on this weekend with Eugene and local races.  Have fun whatever your running, or non running plans may be this weekend! 

A couple of not great Sky pics from yesterday…

I was trying to wake her up so I could take her to meet Mark, but she was so out.  She looks so big in this pic…so tall!

Hates the sun in her eyes, but won’t leave the glasses on for more than 3 seconds.  Had to talk her into leaving them on long enough to take a pic.

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