Beautiful Day

Warm’ish and sunny all day!  Just look at how big the stroller group was today!!!!!!

The sun comes out and so do the stroller mommies!  (I’m in the green.) 
Unexpected lunch with Mark at the park after the run was a nice little treat for all of us.  Sky loves her Daddy so much, and the freedom of running through the park, she was one happy little girl!
Today’s run was a little special to me because I work really hard at making all paces feel welcome.  I know what it’s like to be slower and left behind, but trying my hardest.  Hello, I’m there every Tuesday night…running my fastest miles, pushing myself really hard, and still coming in last.* 
So, I came up with a plan to allow the faster runners to run, the C25K’ers (couch to 5K training program) and walking/running interval people to do their thing, and the walkers to walk.  I had an idea in my head of where the walkers and run/walkers would intersect so that if anyone wanted to finish out with the walkers they could.  I presented the plan to the group a few weeks ago, but due to terrible weather, and no walk/runners showing up it didn’t happen until today. 
We had 3 fast runners, 3 run/walkers (I stayed with them) and the rest were walkers.  And, it went PERFECTLY!!!  The runners got a butt kicking because Kirsten is fast!  The meet up spot that I thought would work ended up being perfect.  The walkers were there right as us run/walkers got there!  
I struggle with pacing others, so I really focused on keeping it hard enough to be challenging, but paying attention and knowing when to slow things up and when to walk.  The feedback after was all really positive.  I’m super excited that it seemed to go so well!    
*Michelle and I ran last night with the group…the Asics rep was there and sponsored a predict a mile challenge.  Basically you predicted how fast or slow you could run a mile at the track and the person who was the closest got free shoes.  I wasn’t participating in the winning free stuff part of it, but was there to get a run in and help pace Michelle.  She predicted 9:30…she finished in 9:17 and would have been so much faster, but we slowed the last lap way, way down because we were too fast and would be too far off her predicted pace.  She was in the top 5 for being closest and ended up with a free pair of shorts.  The shoe winner was only 1 second off her predicted pace! 
Anyway, after the run we were talking about how much stronger we are as runners, how much time we have taken off our average pace, and you know what it felt good to consider where we were compared to where we are.  I’ll take finishing last, or near last, Tuesday nights because I know how far we have come, and what I’m capable of!  We are so much stronger and better and it’s only looking up from here! 
Tomorrow is a rest day, but will probably end up doing some stretching or easy yoga and foam rolling…and lots of outside time with Sky in the sun! 

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