Camping Trip Pics

We headed up to the Beckham property at Lake Cushman for the first camping trip of the year last weekend! 

I have to say, while I really wanted to keep tabs on how the 50K was going, it was also really nice not to have any cell phone service.  There is something to be said for forced disconnection and not hearing any news after a week of being glued to the TV/News! 

We were happy that the weather cleared up, and even though it was cool we had sun. 

Some pics from the weekend…

I posted my fave pic from the weekend a few days ago (cute one of Mark and Sky sitting on the ground together) well this is what was happening right before that pic.  Sky having a fit on the ground with snot strings and all.  We wouldn’t let her walk into the lake and that resulted in a melt down on the trail.  We sent the rest of the group ahead while Mark and I sat and let her work it out.  Like a good Mommy I took pics. 

Breakfast of pancakes and raisins.  

Spent a lot of time on her bike!

Michelle, Kiera, Abi, Me, Sky, Grace…the girls.  

She also spent a lot of time puddle stomping…thank goodness for overalls while camping!

Love that smile!
There are more pics HERE tons more cute Sky pics.  You would think she was the only one on the trip! 
She LOVED being outside all day, running around and playing to her hearts content.  We have ourselves a book reading, sports watching, outdoor loving little girl!  Pretty perfect!

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