Shout Out (and First Camping Trip of the Season!)

Shout Out – To my sister and husband who are taking on the Diablo 50K this weekend.  Check out her pre-race post HERE

This is a race that got them last year, their first DNF.  It was hot, like in the 90’s, which this early in the season is not what was expected or trained for.  At the 13.1 checkpoint my sister was having enough issues with the heat (heart was acting up) that they made the smart choice to be done. 

I’m so proud of her, and my brother in law, for taking it on again this year.  I have been following her weekly runs and she has spent a ton more time on the mountain this year, making the best of the 3 ish hours of “no kid” time she has a day. 

I get the feeling that they are more confident in themselves this time around. 

No matter what happens out there tomorrow they both push themselves to the limit and leave it all out there.  I know they are going to give it there all!  They are already winners in my book for even registering for a 50K!

I have zero running planned for the weekend.  For one we are camping and two I’m still keeping the weekly miles on the lower side to give any and all nagging pains a chance to heal before 1/2 training starts in a couple weeks.  Still trying to get multiple runs a week in, but not ramping up the miles.  I have been strength training though, and focusing on drinking lots of water.

I was excited that I had zero blister issues this week.  Seems foot powder in the socks and gel deodorant on the outside may be the answer.  Strange combo, but if it works I’m not going to question it.  The true test will be once we start hitting 7+ mile runs. 

Sky pic…I think she likes her new camping chair!  It’s raining, but that isn’t unusual for around here and Sky loves being outside even in the rain.  So a camping we will go. 

Her mommy really should brush her hair, and put some pants on her!

No matter your plans have a great weekend…and sis get up that mountain!!!



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