Thankful Thursday

First – Thoughts going out to West, TX.  There are some hard times ahead for such a small town dealing with a large disaster and the loss of life.   

I am thankful that I had such a lovely weekend away with my BFF!  My first weekend away since Sky…long overdue!  She is in such good hands with her Daddy, while I missed her I didn’t worry about her one little bit.  

Michelle and I headed to E WA for a weekend full of great food, wine, and company! 

What the weekend was all about!
My favorite grape!  I came home with a very nice bottle of Syrah from Hedges winery…so GOOD! 

The grounds of the winery right down the road from their house.  It was a beautiful sunny day, but very, very, very windy. 

 Last winery of the day.

Uncle Paul made lamb for dinner the night before, so for lunch while whine tasting we had lamb gyros, Greek Salad made my Aunt Candy, and tzatziki sauce made by me with some conversions done by Michelle since we combined two different tzatziki recipes.  One of the wineries had a somewhat protected from the wind patio that we were able to picnic on.
I’m thankful I got to spend a lovely weekend with people I love!  Thank you Michelle for driving, thank you Candy and Paul for hosting, and thank goodness for grapes!  🙂

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