Good Day

That’s Sky’s new thing, saying Good Day.  We try and make each day an adventure and make each day a Good Day.  Now that she is talking all the time she will talk about her day if you ask her if she had a good day. 

Chances are she won’t say anything that is understandable, (when she is excited and talking fast it’s all foreign, but she gestures and everything) but it’s super cute to see her face when she is excited and talking about her day.

I had a good day too.  I feel a little less heavy of heart today.  Last night was the Tuesday Night run group at Fleet Feet and Michelle and I showed our Boston support with these bibs…

It was a heavy run.  I just felt weighted down with sadness, like there was a shadow looming over everything.  I was so tired after the run…emotionally and mentally from all the news coverage and the stories that were coming out.  And, physical because well it’s a fast group to run with and I’m always pushing my pace. 

But, that is one of the amazing things about running.  There is nothing like a run to purge emotion, stress, sadness, and sweat. 

On the flip side, this morning’s stroller run was amazing!  I had a super fast running mommy to run with, who is new to the area.  Not only was the pace being pushed we talked the entire time getting to know each other.  Like a double workout for me because it’s not easy for me to talk and run at the same time, even if it’s a slow pace.  I always sound like I’m about to die even if I feel great.   

Today’s run is the fastest stroller run we have had on the “original” route.  Finished in under 30 minutes, it usually takes 45.  I’m 50% surprised I kept that kind of pace with the stroller and 50% impressed with myself.  🙂 

Best part was nothing hurt, no blister issues, I just felt good!  I wish every run could be like that.

The rest of the day was good too.  Sky spent time with Grammy and Grandpy and I got a bit of Sky free time, something I always appreciate. 

Sky pics…

…watching Daddy work outside.  She just wanted to be out there with him so bad, but he was cleaning up after Bishop and had the lawnmower out.

She was semi content to jump from window to window watching him work.  Love her little pig tails!

She sure loves her Daddy!   


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