Thinking of Boston

Let me start by saying I’m thankful for all the calls, and messages on FB, from family and friends making sure the friends/acquaintances I know who where running Boston were ok. 

Everyone is accounted for and safe. 

I’m at a loss really as to what to think or feel about the whole thing.  I just feel bad for everyone in Boston right now. 

Lives were lost and others have been altered forever.  That fact should not be diminished or live in the shadow of The Boston Marathon. 

As a runner I feel bad for all those that worked so hard to BQ, for some it takes years to qualify, they cross the finish line tired yet high from their accomplishment, only to have their Boston experience tied to such a horrible tragedy. 

I also feel bad for those that didn’t get to finish, where stopped along the route and maybe not fully understanding what the heck is going on.  Boston is a once in a lifetime experience for some and to have this be part of it is really unfortunate. 

I’m sure the citizens of Boston are angry, scared, confused, feeling picked on, sad etc.  I feel for them and hope they feel the love and energy being sent their way from across the country. 

It’s going to be a stressful time for a while I’m sure for all those in Boston. 

I know what happened today is much bigger than running, but us runners like to do something to show our support.  We run races in honor of loved ones, to raise money for causes we believe in, and we run to deal with our emotions.  So when I saw this idea posted on FB I was sold…

Runner friends, this was posted in a running group I am in. I will be wearing one tomorrow! A running buddy had a great idea that all runner’s should wear a race shirt tomorrow in honor of the Boston Marathon victims and as a sign of unity.

I don’t have a Boston Marathon shirt, but I will be wearing my 1/2 marathon shirt at my group run tomorrow night!  I know not a single person in Boston will know I have a race shirt on to show my support, but I do believe that if enough of us do this the positive energy will float on the wind to them. 

I wish everyone in Boston, all those impacted, and all those feeling stressed or sad about what happened peace in their hearts. 

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