Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for a very easy going little girl, and a really great girl friend! 

Eleanore is one of those girlfriends that every woman should be lucky enough to have.  There is zero competition with her.  She wants everyone to look and feel amazing and will offer advice, pointers, and even open up a spot for a hair cut on her “special client” day! 

Not very many women are confident enough with themselves to want their friends to shine as well, and I LOVE that about her.  I also love that she pushes me to be a faster runner.   

And, I love letting her work her magic on my hair.  Got a totally new style today that is so much fun, and so much shorter than before.  I LOVE it! 

The front is still long, but the back and sides are super duper short, and I LOVE it!

Sky was a champ today…The Lexus was back in the shop to finish up the work that it needed.  So, since I had an appointment, we had to drive Mark into work, and since his work is 60 seconds from El’s salon, Sky and I had 2 hours to kill.  We had breakfast, don’t worry I cleaned every possible surface she would come in contact with since she is still in reverse quarantine.  She was a big fan of the French toast I got her. 

Still had time to kill after that so went to Target to get a few travel size items for my girls trip this weekend, and found an adorable hat on clearance for her…

…and since it was sunny she of course needed her glasses…

…and the best part was it was a day of killing time, waiting around for my hair appointment/the car/to go pick Mark up from work and not once did she act up.  Totally pleasant the entire time.  

To recap…I got to spend the day with my lovely little girl, one of my best girl friends, and I got my car back…It was a good day and for that I’m thankful!  

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Only a person with the right facial features could pull off that style of hair. You look marvelous sporting the new hair style. Good job by all.


  2. by the way. All my clients still marvel over the picture of sky i got for my birthday. They are stunned, and mesmerized by the eyes and the beauty this little child presents. They all say I should send it in to hallmark. I think you should post it again. I'm not kidding. My clients step into the room and freeze stareing at the picture. They have a hard time articulating the effect the picture has on them. I always start my clients face down and when I tell them it's time to roll over they all say the same thing–This is my favorite part because I get to see the picture.


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