The Running Wall and the Mommy Wall

 Have you ever hit the wall before you even put your running cloths on?!  I was dragging a$$ this afternoon and totally felt like I not only hit the wall but bashed my head in on it and broke all my bones. 

I didn’t sleep very well last night, I also had a drink last night, and I know I didn’t drink enough water today, plus my leg’s were sore from Saturday, and Sunday’s runs.  Maybe that all contributed to it, maybe not.  But, I still laced up and headed to Fleet Feet for the group run. 

Running is a funny thing because I felt like crap mentally and was feeling like I didn’t fuel properly before the run yet turned in a record mile on the Garmin and ran significantly faster than my 5K PR pace!  A 26 ish minute 2.87 mile run.  And, I still came in dead last for the 3 mile group. 

Whatever.  The only real competition is with myself and my mind.  I may be last, but I’m running some of the fastest miles I have ever run, so I’m happy. 

Still had some painful hot spots rubbing on my feet.  Got another pair of socks in the mail today, so will test them out tomorrow and see what happens.  I wish I could find some Tuff Skin locally, none of the stores around here have it, so will have to order some online and see if that helps at all. 

Not sure if part of my problem today is I’m feeling like a worn out mommy.  Sky being sick for so long is hard on her and us, and I can tell I’m not handling things as well as I would like.  Good thing I have a girls weekend away this weekend…I feel like I really need it.  Best part is once I’m back Sky and I can get back to her normal schedule and resume play to learn and her play date with Reagan! 

She gave her big girl bed a try at nap time today, at her request.  It lasted for maybe 3 minutes and then she was back in the crib.  She insisted on having all her favorite things in bed with her…

…maybe that is why she couldn’t sleep…too many stuffed animals in bed.
One bright spot in my mommy life was some much needed validation from the pediatrician about Sky and where she is in her development mentally and physically.  I keep feeling like I should have structured learning time with her and set aside some “school” time each day, but turns out what I/we are doing is working great and she is doing great. 
There are so many paths to get to the same, or at least similar, destinations and it’s so easy to doubt the twists and turns we take as parents.  It’s nice to know that our approach is working, not that anyone else’s isn’t, and not that I think our way is the only way, or the right way.  It’s right for us and for Sky and that’s all that really matters.  
But, man it gets hard when there are parents that are so quick to point out that by the time their little one was 22 months old they were potty trained, reading, writing their name, accepted into college, and already had the first million in the bank.  It’s easy to start feeling like the looser parent sometimes, even though I’m pretty confident we are not looser parents.  🙂 
Looking forward to getting Sky out of the house tomorrow for a run.  Thankfully her stroller is fully enclosed so she will not have any exposure to others or germs, so I’m still following the advice of the Dr. in limiting her exposure this week. 

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