Sky’s First Running Outfit!

Last week Mark and I checked out Blue, the Goodwill’s upscale consignment shop in the Proctor district.  I was surprised to find a good sized men’s section and a kid section as well.  We scored this outfit for Sky…

 She looks so focused in the above pic, like she is lining up for a race! 

Her very fist workout/running outfit, a pink Adidas warm up outfit!  She even pops the collar!  This may just have to be her Wednesday run with Mommy uniform! 

Today was not a running day though.  Super windy and raining like crazy.  Two other ladies showed up and one of them is a walker.  So all three of us walked just over 2 miles in the crazy weather.  We took some funny twists and turns trying to keep the wind to our back.  It worked for the most part.

I’m ok with a walk for the day since I ran hard last night.  Not a bad thing to rest my foot and legs since hard core training starts in a few weeks.  I’m actually looking forward to it!

Seriously if you live in the Tacoma area go check out Blue, nice stuff for great prices! 

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