Took a Drill To My Feet

So Friday despite Sky being so sick we had to cancel birthday dinner plans, Mark was kind enough to let me still go get my mani/pedi that I had scheduled.  I was super thankful he took on a most difficult Sky girl because this mommy needed the break, and my coupon was about to expire.

I purchased the mani/pedi through Amazon Local Deals and got the super duper mani/pedi for $20.  Regular price is $65!  I maybe get one pedicure a year, and hardly ever get mani’s.  I just don’t want to pay for something I can do myself at home, and do well I might add. 

I must be the only runner they have ever worked on because my missing toenails, and really, really short nails on the toes that do have them drew multiple comments.  As did the calluses.  The calluses were so bad they literally got out a drill, attached some sandpaper and went to town. 

The only reason I let them was just that morning I had read an article debunking the thinking that calluses help prevent blisters.  According to the article I read blisters that can potentially develop under the calluses can be worse, more painful, harder to treat, and require more recovery time.  So, I let them go to town.  Sadly there are still some crazy calluses on my feet even after the sandpaper. 

Good thing I accepted that running = ugly feet a long time ago! 

All I will say about the end result is that was Friday, and Monday I’m taking off the chipped nail polish and painting my fingernails myself.  Good thing I had a coupon otherwise I would be ticked I paid full price for a cruddy manicure.  I knew when they were doing it that it wouldn’t last (thinning out the top coat), but could tell they were operating as normal, so now I know not to go there again! 

Today Sky went in for her follow up appointment with her Dr. and good news is her ears are clear!  But, she still has a nasty cough and plugged sinuses.  Dr. says she doesn’t think any further medication is needed, she just needs some time to make a full recovery.  It’s been a month now that she has been sick back to back to back.  The orders were to keep her home, no public play places, no exposure to anyone who is sick, no exposure to other kiddos.  Even though she isn’t contagious she is still in quarantine because her immune system just needs a break.  😦  Means lot’s of play time in the yard, and the back side of the park where there are less people. 

Pooh once again was by her side helping get her through a Dr. visit…


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