Cadence Training!

El and I got in 5 (for me) 10 (for her) miles this morning in the cold, windy rain.  We even got a few miles of cadence training in, and you know what…I liked it!  We hit a 9:18 pace and it actually felt easy physically, but mentally it was challenging.

Keeping my stride short and quick was easy as long as I kept thinking of my laces as being tied together so I couldn’t stride out too much.  Trying to land my right foot with every tick of the metronome was hard.  So hard in fact that I think that’s why my knee started acting up.  In my head I felt like I needed to hear my foot hit in time with the metronome and was therefor landing much, much harder than normal.  I was going to do 6 miles with El, but stopped at 5 because the pain felt like unhealthy pain, not “normal” I’m working hard pain.  I don’t like to take chances with my bad knee.  When it hurts I don’t run, mostly because running doesn’t bother it at all, so when it does hurt it feels really wrong. 

Foot is feeling pretty good.  It hurt more today, but I have also been walking around the house without shoes on a lot and walking barefoot just doesn’t work for me or my foot.  Still trying to find the answer to the blister question.  Putting powder in the sock and glide on the outside helps, but it hasn’t fixed it totally.  Every runner has their nagging thing to deal with…maybe mine is blisters and I need to accept it and live with it.  I do have a few pairs of socks on the way to me to try out.

Other than running a few times it has been a slow weekend with no plans.  Just trying to keep Sky calm and away from germs and not sharing her germs.   

We ended up cancelling my b-day dinner Friday night because she was just too sick and difficult.  Since Bob and Michelle had babysitting arranged they came over after bed time and we were able to watch Breaking Dawn 2 finally!  We had a perfect record of seeing them all in the theaters, but life just didn’t allow for it this time.  Anyway, it was still a nice way to spend my birthday evening and I got a cool new laptop bag from Bob and Michelle!

Sky seems to be on an up-swing.  She is more active and her temperament is a little better.  We are going to lay low this week…no play dates or play group.  Just trying to give her immune system a break and get back to 100%.  Plus, Michelle and I have a girls weekend full of wine tasting planned and I want Sky to be as pleasant as possible for Daddy! 

A little late, but better late than never, pics from her ER visit…

Upset and not moving her arm at all…its just hanging by her side.

Daddy to the rescue…blown up hospital gloves and hazmat Pooh Bear. 

The three amigos keeping Sky distracted.


And, we know her elbow is back in place and not hurting because she is using to talk on the “phone”.  


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