Thankful Thursday

I had a nice long post typed up and then hit a button and it was all deleted.  So the short and sweet version is…I’m thankful for such an awesome birthday yesterday.  It was vey low key, but it was perfect.  Spent time doing things I love with people I enjoy and love, and had a lot of love posted on my FB page.  I even got a few hours of me time which was really great! 

Tomorrow is my birthday dinner with Mark, Bob, and Michelle.  Very simple and easy which is what I wanted this year.  Life gets busy sometimes and when it does I just want to step back and be calm, and keep it simple.  I am an introvert at heart! 

A few Sky pics from today…

She must have been sitting there talking to her stuffed animals when she fell over asleep.  I could hear her one minute talking away, and then nothing.
I got my hair cut a few days ago, but had to go back today to trim the front a little more.  She was content to hand out and wait.

She is singing in the above picture…Bruno Mars is her current fave. 

Yes, that is a knee sock on her arm as an elbow glove.  She was trying to trace her hand with her elbow length sock glove.
Decided to take today off from running and working out.  Was a good choice since Sky was super high maintenance today.  Wanted to be held and cuddled all day long!  I hope to get some yoga in tomorrow, and have some runs planned for the weekend!  

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