First Family 5K!

That’s right Mark and I ran our first 5K distance as a family with Sky yesterday.  3.1 miles in 30.01 minutes.  Not bad at all.  Mark runs on a TD during lunch at work, so this run was focused on getting legs, joints, feet used to paved running and managing pace and energy levels.   

I pushed the stroller and gave Mark distance updates every .5 miles so he could gauge how he was feeling compared to how much further there was to go.  Finished with negative splits and the last mile was about a full minute faster than the first!   

The only bad part…I forgot to use my glide and now have some sore raw spots on my inner thighs.  I think I was just so excited to go run that I spaced that step.  I was going to run today, but that is not going to happen.  Will probably do pilates instead. 

Since our original plan was to do a road trip (scrapped that because Sky is so sick we didn’t think sitting in the car for hours would help her temperament) we opted for a short little trip to Orting to run the Foothills Trail.  The same stretch Elya and I ran for out 10K race a few weeks ago.  The views of Mt. Rainier from the trail are amazing, and it follows a river through farm’ish country.  I figured with the pretty sunny day it would be a nice place to run. 

This picture isn’t as good as the real thing, but that is Mt. Rainier in the distance and Mark and Sky doing a fast warm-up walk. 
It was really nice running with Sky and Mark!  We walked through town a little bit after, I was surprised at how many places were open given it was Easter Sunday. 
Stopped by Five Guys for lunch on the way home…yuck is all I can say to that.  Not sure why everyone around here seems to think they are the best burgers ever.  We both through they were pretty terrible actually, even the fries were bad.  Now we know, and we won’t be going back! 
Came home and tried to keep Sky happy.  She is sort of all over the place right now wanting everything and nothing all at the same time.  Nothing makes her feel better really, and I’m pretty sure the antibiotics are upsetting her tummy.  She is just not a happy camper right now. 
I was not a happy camper watching the Duke game either.  They got schooled big time!  Totally outplayed and outmuscled the entire game.  I do hope that Ware makes a full recovery…sick to my stomach watching his leg break like that. 
I saw the below picture on FB after our run and it made me smile. 
I was seriously considering stopping and walking and letting Mark finish the run without me, my legs were rubbing together that badly.  The whole last 1.5 miles hurt bad.  But, I literally thought to myself…there are people out there that would give anything to be able to run or feel anything in their legs again, even chaffing pain, so keep going! 
I have that kind of thought at some point during almost every run.  It’s how I motivate myself to keep going, push harder, run faster, put my running shoes on in the first place.  “I run because I can, and because there are those that can’t” has become my running mantra.  So seeing this on FB right after our run was kind of perfect. 
I hope everyone has a happy Monday and no one plays any April Fools pranks on you.  I despise April Fools day, I think it’s mean.  I will not be playing any pranks on anyone!    

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