Good Morning

This is how Sky wakes up…

If you look close you can see she has her pj’s unzipped, but the top button is still buttoned and her feet are still zipped in.  She must have needed a bit of a breeze? 

I love that she wakes up that happy every morning! 

I totally forgot to post yesterday.  Got busy and it just didn’t happen.  I ended up not running, and did P90X instead.  My foot was feeling good and I just didn’t want to ruin it by running.  I figured one more day of low impact would only help.  Run club tonight though…it’s not going to be fun.  I know I have lost some conditioning and speed with all this rest.  Oh well…I will get it back! 

I posted a few weeks ago that I received some early birthday money.  I have been not so patiently waiting for the ordered items to arrive so I could do a birthday goodies post.  Finally today the last of the items arrived! 

The goods…

Not pictured- neon pink calf sleeves…they sent me compression socks instead of the sleeve, so am getting that worked out.  Also not pictured is the Tacoma Narrows 1/2 marathon entry fee.  (Race fee’s are so much $$$.  I won’t complain much though, no one is forcing me to run.) 

Usually I buy myself running stuff, but the downfall to that is I get to a point that the only clothing I have is running stuff and then I’m struggling to put outfits together or wearing the same two outfits for parties, dinner out, and other non-running events.  So, this time I focused on the non running side of life, for the most part. 

-Running shoes and Sole inserts…now I have two pair to rotate which will be key when 1/2 training starts!

-Okabashi flip flops in black and orange.  I live in flip flops as much as possible, but am finding that flat shoes don’t help my feet feel good with all the running, so I got these because they have great arch support, can be tossed in the dishwasher, and have a 2 year warranty.  Went with black and orange because between the two I have every summer outfit covered.  Check out their site HERE

-Two brow pencils from MAC…the color I use is their most popular and they are always out, so I got two since I had spending money.  I also got my favorite lip gloss and foundation at Bare Essentials.  I was close to being completely out of the foundation…yikes!

THIS Hit The Trail skirt from Athleta.  I have found that while on road trips and hiking a lot of times a skirt is way more comfortable.  This skirt has built in shorts, zippered pockets all over the place, and storage pocket on the back that snaps off and has a cross body strap to double as a small purse.  In the picture above it’s the back of the skirt so you can see the little bag.  Super comfortable and super cute!  I have two Athleta travel skirts now and anticipate that I will be wearing them all the time, not just for traveling.

THESE Jolt Chinos from Nordstrom Juniors.  I feel like an old woman in the Juniors sections, but it was the only section that had non-jean pants that I liked.  I have a few pairs of jeans and wear them all the time.  I’m pretty sick of them actually.  I wanted cargo pants, or something that I could wear in place of jeans.  These fit and look cute, but when I tried them on again today I’m not sure I’m sold on them.  I may or may not keep them, but I do know of the 5 other stores I went to looking for pants these were the only ones I found that I even remotely liked.  So, may keep them just because I know there isn’t much else out there. 

-Wrap watch.  It was actually a free thing Fancy Frills was offering on their FB page, so I only paid for the shipping and handling.  Score!  It is super cute and it tells time, bonus.  🙂  Go like them on FB, they have free offers all the time!

And, that is all my birthday stuff from Dad and Grandpa!  A big thank you to both of them, I had fun shopping!!! 

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