Quick Post…

Duke is playing, so this is going to be short and sweet. 

Has been a really fun weekend full of:
-driving the car around (having to put a new battery in it as the one it had died, but we are good to go now!)  I probably look like a big goober driving the car…I just can’t stop smiling!  I have never had such a nice car, that does so many things for you.  For example you set the temp you want and the car heats or cools as needed automatically to keep the car the temp I want it at all times.  I feel very spoiled! 

-watching NCAA Basketball (broke the no TV rule Saturday…it is March Madness after all)

-Relay For Life auction with friends (Sky spent the night with the Beckham girls and we split the babysitter)

-baby shower for a friend today

-cold but sunny weather all weekend

-no running (I feel fat and lazy, but my foot hurts less and less each day I rest) getting back on track tomorrow though with a 3 (or so) mile shake out run.  It’s back on schedule this week!

Our first family drive in the car was to a park so Sky (and Mark) could play…

 She knows how to slide by herself, and does so all the time, but why do it “by self” when Daddy is there to slide with you?!

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