It Takes A Village

I have heard that saying so many times in regards to raising children, and never really fully understood it until I had my own little girl to raise. 

I always took it to mean that at the playground and play groups we all look out for each others little ones, make sure none are sneaking off or in danger of falling.  And, there have been a few times I have helped a strangers kid when they had their hands full with a baby and the older sibling was about to fall off the monkey bars, and some mom’s have helped Sky out many times at play to learn. 

I also think of it as being able to call family/friends when you need emergency child care, or as they get older their kids know they can call us when they just need a break from Mom and Dad, or need to talk about something they don’t want to share just yet with their parents. 

We all look out for each other and each others kids. 

But, I’m realizing that it’s also so much more than that.  Mark and I are trying really hard to make the stay at home thing work.  Sky is happy, healthy, smart, and she has Mom or Dad around at all times (for better or worse).  I love that I’m getting to spend these years with her and am thankful every day. 

But, it’s not always easy.  Thankfully there are people in our life that love us and love Sky and help out with spending money here and there, gifts or items that we want/need and would make Sky’s life more fun or enjoyable.  From little things like Starbucks gift cards, to bigger things like the jogging stroller. 

Well, today a pretty big thing was given to us.  You see I have a 10, going on 11 year old car, and it’s a car that is starting to have issues on a regular basis, and also has the lowest safety review of any car on the road.  Despite the issues I am thankful to have a paid off car, which means it’s possible for me to be at home with Sky instead of working.  But, it has also been a huge stress factor for Mark knowing Sky and I are driving around in a car that is not safe. 

Enter Jan and Gentry, Mark’s parents.  Jan just got a new car, as it was time for an upgrade.  Her old car was 12 years old, and needed a little work to keep going for a few more years.  Since her job requires driving clients around she opted to get a new car, and as a result gave us her old car.

Yep, you read that correctly they gave us their car a 2000 Lexus with something I’m super, super, super excited about…automatic locks!!!  Do you know what a pain it has been juggling Sky, groceries etc. and not having automatic locks?! 

And, since we didn’t have the money for the repairs Dad helped out with that part.  Now Sky and I have a safe car to drive and I have automatic locks along with a lot of other really cool bells and whistles that I have never had in a car before!  Seriously I have always had the bargain basement car with no special features, so this feels very grown up!

Not the best pics, but what I have for now…

 The village of family and friends that surround and love us is pretty amazing.  Thank you Jan and Grentry, and Dad for helping us get into a safer car.  I am so very excited, we are headed out for a drive right now.

Love you guys, and everyone else that makes this stay at home thing work for us! 

5 thoughts on “It Takes A Village

  1. You described so well how it takes a village to help get a child raised. I am so grateful Jan and Gentry gave you such a quality automobile. I will no longer have to worry about you and sky. Thank you jan and gentry. That lexus was worth a lot for trade in. I had the easy part. Val always tell people You and I are so fortunate to have each other. She reminds me of that often. Well, we are also just as fortunate to have Marks family there for you.
    I love you


  2. Jan and I are so happy for you and Sky. We love you very much and hope that you get years of good usage from it. Thank you Steve for seeing that the repairs were done. And to Mark for researching the best place to have the car serviced.


  3. Thank you to Jodi for the recommendation for the best places to take the car for the work, and for being the only one who knew about the possibility of the car but not saying anything on fb. I wanted to wait until it was a done deal before getting too excited.


  4. Thank you to Jodi for the recommendation for the best places to take the car for the work, and for being the only one who knew about the possibility of the car but not saying anything on fb. I wanted to wait until it was a done deal before getting too excited.


  5. We love that you are choosing to stay home with Sky! She is a happy, precious little girl with tons of good energy, and both you and Mark are superb parents, thoughtfully and intentionally. And that takes time. If the Lexus means you can continue that pattern, it's value went from low trade-in to priceless. We are thrilled to help make that happen. And we are grateful to Steve for putting the frosting on the cake! It wouldn't have been very good without it!


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