Thankful Thursday

It’s an old picture, but one I like! 
Today I’m thankful for you!  You have always been there for me, and now for Mark and Sky too.  I love how excited you get about spending time with Sky, and while this may sound spoiled or greedy I trust you to know exactly what I mean, I love seeing how giddy like a little kid you get about buying stuff for her (well, for me too!). 
You always let me know how proud you are of the large and small accomplishments in my life and offer support in so many different ways.  I appreciate and love you, and am thankful you are my dad! 
I wish you the best day off today, you work hard and deserve some down time! 
Love you!


One thought on “Thankful Thursday

  1. You have always called me your first hero. Today, on face book Nathan called me his hero. Stan gave me a birthday card today stating that I too, was his hero. Val has always referred to me as her hero. To be called a hero by those you love the most is the identity that I value the most. That is–I find it an honor to be there for family. It is an honor to be a benefit to those I care about so much. Thank you Jen.


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