First Day Of Spring…Boo!

Today’s weather had me so very confused.  Dark storm clouds with rain and wind one second then bright sunny blue sky the next.  All. Day. Long.  I’m betting that right when we start our movie tonight the power goes out because of the wind!

I don’t bail on runs due to weather, so despite the crazy rain I headed out for Stroller Group, and had one other runner show up with her little boy.  A little over a mile in we turned a corner and there was crazy wind and rain blowing into our faces, and soaking her little one.  She doesn’t have a rain cover, thank goodness Sky is fully enclosed in her stroller!

Cozy in her stroller this morning with her Mickey peaking out.

I’m not going to lie, when she said she needed to cut it short and head back because of not having a rain cover I was more than happy to be done!  Of course we had to go uphill all the way back and into the wind and I was wet through every layer of clothing I had on.  But, we got 1.68 miles in so that is good at least.  Sky just kept shouting rain, rain, rain over and over. 

There was a group of walkers as well and they made it back to the store right behind us after cutting their walk short.  It was just too crazy! 

We were all soaked through and ready for coffee!

It felt good to get a little bit of running in though, shake out the legs a bit, test out the foot.  All seems to be well.

Rest day tomorrow, which actually means stretching and foam rolling, but I’ll be doing that while watching basketball! I filled out my brackets and of course have Duke winning it all.  🙂 

Public Service Announcement – Did you all see that Lululemon recalled their yoga pants?  Apparently they are see-through.  A little too much hoo haw exposure.  So, if you have any of their yoga pants check out their website for details on how to exchange or get your money back.  Thankfully their winter running pants are thicker so my pants are A OK! 

Since Mark and Sky are both still sick, seem to be getting a little better though, there is a lot of sprite and hydrating going on.  Sprite is a total treat for Sky she maybe gets a drop from a can once a week if that.  Today I gave her some in her own cup…I think it’s safe to say she was happy. 

Pretty sure she was expecting water. 

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