Happy Birthday Jodi!!!

A Very Happy Birthday to Jodi!  I love our weekly (when no one is sick) play dates, and can’t wait for our walks to Starbucks to get back on track!  Thank you for being your wonderful outgoing self, and for coming up that first day in Stroller Fit and walking away with my phone number.  I’m a better person for being able to call you my friend!  I wish you all sorts of fun and adventure in the next year! 

I’m bummed I don’t get to see Jodi today, but Sky is still sick, and Mark decided Sky shouldn’t be sick alone, so he kissed her and is now sick as well.  Good thing they like snuggling with each other because that’s what they are doing a lot of.  And, watching home renovation shows, which Sky seems to like. 

Actually I think Sky feels a little better today, she is a bit more chipper than yesterday.  Still not taking her out and about and skipping Play To Learn just to let the germs clear out.

I see a day of taking care of my babe and my baby.  🙂

Sky decided to put her pants on “by self” today…


…she needs some more practice I think. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day today! 

P.S. – So excited to run tomorrow.  I’m either going to be super slow from taking a week off, or blaze through the run on fresh legs.  Oh, wait the forecast is wind and rain, so will probably be slow running uphill, into the wind both ways with sideways rain.  Oh well, at least I will be running again!  🙂

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