Sick Again!

That’s right, we had one week of Sky being healthy and she is sick again.  😦  She went to bed healthy and happy last night, woke up this morning with a raging cold that has gotten worse and worse as the day goes on. 

Aside from that though it has been a pretty great few days.  I had a truly lovely day Friday.  I will post more about it later when I can add pics, but Sky and I spent the morning shopping with my early birthday money from Dad and Grandpa.  I had a list and Sky was a trooper hitting all the stores I needed to get to.  I also ordered a number of things online, so am really looking forward to the mail this week!   

Friday night we made birthday dinner for Marks brother Brian, and lucky for us his dinner is one of our favorite things!  Steak!!!  We splurged a little and got really good ones.  Mark grilled and I made mushroom risotto and chimichuri sauce.  I also scored a really good bottle of wine for a really great mark downed price.  Thank you Brian for having a birthday! 

Saturday was our technology free day, which we have concluded is our favorite day of the week!  That evening we went to Josh’s surprise graduation party…he finished his BA!  He has a FT job, wife, 3 kids and still pulled a 4.0, nice job Josh!!!  (Still no sign of Sky being sick…we would not have taken her to the party and exposed all the other kids to her cold if we had known.  She was handing out kisses, so I apologize for anyone who ends up with sick kiddos.)

Today was a baby shower for a friend, thank you Mark and Brian for hanging with Sky, so I could go alone.  Made a very quick stop by the Beckham’s St. P Day party and came home to make dinner and snuggle my little girl. 

What hasn’t happened…running.  I hate taking too many days off in a row because it is so hard to start again, but my foot is feeling much better, so the rest has done what I needed it to. 

A Sky pic….

Her new thing…Steelers Mickey, and Steelers Mickey must go everywhere that Pooh goes, and sometimes Pooh even gets left behind.  That is a huge, huge deal!  Thank you uncle Bob and aunt Michelle for her new travel partner! 

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