No Sun Burn Here

…not even a chance to get one, and that is the up side of living and running in rainy Washington!  I would rather run in the cold/cool weather and be able to take clothes off as I heat up rather than be hot, because you can only take so much off before your running naked right?!

At least that’s what I will keep telling myself as I read about sunny runs taking place in CA.  🙂  I’m really not all that jealous about it, just ready for some more consistent sun around here. 

After feeling blah all day yesterday about running Michelle and I laced up and got our butt’s out there and ran with the 3 mile group.  I’m so glad we got some miles in.  I felt great once I got started, and am looking forward to the stroller run today. 

The best part was no headlamps last night, and we did a little longer route since it’s not dark!  The old route was 2.9, new route is 3.1.  Not a huge difference, but when trying to beat the dark during the dark months it makes a difference.   

Taking a week off after today.  I need to give my foot a chance to stop hurting…I can’t afford to go into 1/2 training and running 3 1/2’s with an injury.  Going to take the time now to rest and heal.  I will however be doing lot’s of pilates and yoga, and ordering a few different kinds of socks to see if I can find a bister free option.

Sky Pic…

She loved having Grace and Kiera spend the night Saturday…when they left Sunday it was a complete code red melt down.  Makes me wish…but no, things are pretty perfect the way they are.  🙂 

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