So don’t feel like running in the rain tonight, just not feeling it at all.  But, I’m going.  Will probably run with the 3 mile group…my foot is still bruised, but doesn’t hurt while running.  Trying to balance getting the runs in, but not hurting it further.  Almost able to give up the headlamp!  That’s the nice thing about springing forward, it’s not dark as early! 

Can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to some summer running!!!  Kinda ticks me off to see other runners blogging about how nice the weather is for their runs.  I’m tired of being wet and cold 90% of the time. 

Enough blahhh…how about some Sky pics to pick things up around here?! 

She is so hood!  🙂

She is happiest with no cloths on, a hat and our shoes on.
Loves her stacking toy!
Playing at the park last Friday…was desperately trying to get her to stay back from the edge…it didn’t really work.
Almost every time I take her out and about in her Steelers gear I get asked “how can you do that to her?”  It kinda pisses me off.  There are parents out there that do terrible things to their children/other children and your going to say something to me about her being in Steelers gear?!  Get over it!   
Speaking of football…we have ESPN free agency coverage on…can’t wait to see how it all shakes out! 

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