From The Kitchen & Concert Review

I have a follow up tip from the Baked Orange Chicken Wings Recipe – I made it the other night with the orange marmalade and we didn’t care for it much.  Was way too sweet and sticky.  I highly recommend fresh squeezing the same amount of fresh orange juice instead of the marmalade! 

Now on to the exciting stuff!!!  Michelle and I saw Miguel and Alicia Keys at the Wamu Theater in Seattle.  It was amazing!!! 

She is so beautiful in person and girl can sing!

First of all the Wamu is small, only a few thousand people, I heard 5,000 but don’t know if that is accurate, regardless it’s small, so there really isn’t a bad seat in the place. 

Our view of the stage…right next to the sound guys so we had good seats!   

Second this was such a grown-up concert.  Very sophisticated crowd (how did I get in?!) I didn’t see a single drunk person, and people were dressed up very nicely.  You could tell this was a classy night out for most of the people. 

The lay-out was great, short lines for shirts, drinks, and bathrooms.  Well, actually the bathroom line was long, but moved fast, and we never had to wait in line because our seats were close to the exit nearest the bathrooms so it wasn’t a problem for us at all.


As for the talent…WOW.  We saw Miguel when he opened for Usher, and at that time he was really new, only did a few songs and was the typical shirt off I’m sexy kind of thing.  Last night he was so classy sexy that I could hardly stand it.  He has grown into his music and style and is doing his thing, and it works, it really works! 

I was less excited about Alicia.  I like her, but not the own CD’s, follow her career type of like her.  I was looking forward to seeing her, but not crazy excited like I have been for other concerts.  I have to say girl knows how to put on a show, and her voice is better live than recorded, not many artists can say that.  I loved that she didn’t have any wardrobe changes, she mopped her face with a towel on stage, she had just enough lighting and dancers to make it fun, but was pretty low-key and sophisticated about it. 

I will admit she made me cry and that is a first.  I have never cried at a concert before.  She sung the song her little boy asks her to sing when he is going to bed and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.  Really amazing. 

While I was dazzled by her voice the runner in me was thinking, she can sing, but can she run?  Check it out: Alicia Runs Girl can run too!  🙂

Enjoying ourselves!

I’m so thankful Michelle asked me to go with her.  It was fun going to such a grown-up concert.  Nice change from our last concert…zero screaming little girls last night! 

Now time to hydrate and get ready to PR the 10K tomorrow!!!  So excited to run this race and it’s going to be sunny!  Whatever you are doing this weekend, whatever training run or race, enjoy it!!! 

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