New Shoes

I did it, I finally made time before run club last night and got fitted for new shoes.  Turns out I still need the same type of shoe, but am in a different brand since Asics doesn’t make my show any longer. 

Behold the Brooks Ravenna 4!

The biggest change with these shoes is the toe curves up more so my big toes have less contact with the ground, which should help with the blisters/sensitivity I get on the pads of my toes.  (I’m about 2 seconds away from embarking on a new sock finding adventure.  Going to give these shoes a few weeks and let a few other things with my feet clear up first (can I just say that what running does to your feet is not fun sometimes!), but I’m not sure the compression socks are wicking enough for me.)

Anyway the other big difference is it feels like these shoes grip the pavement more and it’s a softer landing.  In my Asics I could hear myself landing, I actually sounded like an elephant, but with these I didn’t hear anything.  That may not mean a darn thing, but I like the feel and lack of elephant sound for sure! 

After a few weeks, and this weekends race, if I still love them then I’m going to save my pennies and get a 2nd pair so I can rotate, and let them rest between runs like your supposed to. 

Did the 3 mile loop last night with the group.  Just wanted to shake the legs out but not put too many miles on them before the race Saturday.  Felt strong and easier than normal, so that’s good. 

It’s kinda funny, but Sky must recognize the difference between my running cloths and my normal cloths, because on Wednesdays when we go to leave the house she says run, run instead of go, go like normal when we are getting ready to leave.  She’s probably also used to our schedule and going to stroller group run every Wednesday. 

Sky is still sick, and while I feel bad for her I have to say her sleeping in an extra 45 to 60 minutes every morning is nice.  I will be so glad when we can resume play dates (miss you Jodi and Sky misses Reagan!), play to learn, frog n kiwi etc.  Week two of keeping her away from kids and confined play spaces is getting old for both of us.   

She is trying very hard to do things for herself with some often funny results…

What, who turned out the lights?!
Ok, maybe I do need some help putting this thing on. 
I’m working with her to put her pants on by herself.  She is pretty good at taking them off, but putting them on she ends up with both legs in one pant leg, or tries to put them on like a hat.  She is starting to have an opinion about what shirts I pick out, and her shoes too.  All her shoes are sneakers, but she for sure knows what ones she will or won’t wear for the day!  The nice thing about having lots of jeans and random shirts is that none of her outfits get crazy when she picks them out, so that’s nice.   
7:02, and she is awake…only 2 minutes of sleeping in today…maybe just maybe she is feeling better?!  
Have a great day all!  

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