Sunny Sunday Run!

That’s right, I said it, Sunny!  Elya, El and I did a flatish 6 mile run this morning, and it was amazing!  The sun was out, my legs felt great, blisters are still there, but didn’t hurt, my bruised foot that has been hurting all week was totally fine today, and did I mention it was flatish?!  Only one hill at the end, and it was hard, but average pace was 9:30 something!  I want to finish next weeks 10K in under an hour, and came in at 57 minutes today!  The course next weekend is flat, no killer hill at the end, so I know we are going to crush our goal! 

El is such a great running cheerleader constantly encouraging us to keep the pace up, work the arms, you can do it, get up that hill etc.  She wills me to run faster and I do!  Hat’s off to Elya, she had come off working a double shift and had very, very little sleep the last 48 hours and still got in 6 miles at a good pace! 

I felt so good after the run that I came home and registered for the 3’rd 1/2 of the year.  (Still waiting for registration to open for the 2nd one I’m doing).  3 in 78 days I think it is.  Only really worried about the first 2 since they are 2 weeks apart.  Can’t figure out how to rest, and train for the next one in such a short amount of time.

Now, I get to enjoy the rest of my day… 

Which will include play time at the park.  Sky is still sick, but obviously feeling a little better, so we are going to get her out of the house for a bit. 

Being sick = lot’s of pj time and snacks while watching Ellen and Sophia The First.  That is a treat because she usually isn’t allowed to eat unless she is at the table.

And, I’m going to put my early birthday present to use again tonight!  Mark got me a 4 quart All-Clad French skillet with lid! 

I love to cook so much that my old skillet bit the dust, and I was ready to make the switch from non-stick to stainless steel.  We went shopping last night so I could see the options in person, feel how heavy they were etc. and came home with this beautiful skillet.  It even came with it’s own dust bag to protect it while it’s not being used.  I feel so grown up!  Was exciting to come home last night and use a “real/professional” skillet! 

The next one on my wish list is the 12 inch skillet.  With those two pans I can cook anything!!!  Ok, almost anything.  I love my new skillet though, kinda feel like a real chef with my apron and stainless steel! 

Time to enjoy the sun at less than a 9:30 pace!  Hahaha…although chasing Sky around requires sprinting so no rest for these legs I guess. 

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