Thankful Thursday, on Friday

Missed posting yesterday…taking care of sicko’s.  🙂 

I am super thankful that Sky is still really pleasant when she is sick!  Proof…

From this morning, she is worse today by the way, but she still wants to play with Daddy’s hats and be cute.  Love this sick little girl so much! 

I’m also thankful for the perspective being a mom has provided.  Pre-Sky I would see kids at the store, in restaurants or just out and about, with rats nests in their hair, crusty snot on their face, and dirty cloths on.  And, it always made me wonder what kind of parent let’s their kids go out and about dirty and un-kept like that.  Did they not love them enough to care?  Especially when the parents are clean and put together, why, just why? 

Now I know!  Sometimes it’s just not worth the hair battle in the morning, or after a nap.  Especially when already running late.  So you just hope that your kid is cute enough to pull it off and that non of the other mommies will judge you for not brushing the knots out. 

Snotty noses seem to be the daily thing with little ones.  I don’t know about other’s little ones, but Sky HATES having her nose wiped.  And, if I wiped her nose every time it really needed it her nose and lip would be so chapped and raw.  So, I save it for the really big ugly green boogers or the really runny nose.  (Like the one she has now because she is sick).  It’s called picking your battle.  Some battles must happen because it’s a value thing, or a safety thing, or something really important.  But, I for one would rather deal with a little snot dry or not than having a screaming fit in the middle of the store. 

Given the fact that her clothes are dirty 2.5 seconds after putting them on I totally get it now.  Plus, do you know how many times we have been on an adventure or at the park playing, with all the falling down that goes along with it, and then decide to go out for dinner because we just don’t feel like cooking.  Ok, that doesn’t happen all that often actually because we just don’t eat out all that much, but every time we do it’s been after Sky had fallen in the mud at the park or has spilled her snack all over her, and we show up looking all disheveled, or at least Sky does. 

While I’m at it, I totally understand spending all day in nasty looking yet super comfortable sweat pants too.  Today is actually one of those days.  Sweats and pj’s because being sick requires lot’s of comfy snuggle time.  Oh, and I totally get the mismatched outfits now too.  Sometimes the only clean laundry is the top from one outfit and the bottom from another, or the only way to get out the door without a screaming fit it to just let them put what they want on, no matter how silly. 

I send a general apology to the universe and to all parents out there for my pre-parenthood lack of perspective.  I get it now, I totally get it. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I will be busy knitting my scarf, which is a great non-technology activity, (I think I totally forgot to mention Jodi and I took a knitting class!), sneaking in a last 6 miler before the 10K next weekend, and snuggling with Sky.  I do hope she feels better soon!




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