Germs, Germs, Germs…

Sick little girl and sick hubby.  Fun times people.  Actually Sky is still pretty pleasant, she is still running around and playing, but there are buckets and buckets of snot dripping non-stop, and sometimes flying across the room when she sneezes.  I bet you’re glad I shared. 

Supper thankful the parents still took her for a few hours today.  It allowed me to get her some shoes in the next size up, me some sweat pants to lounge in (being a stay at home mom requires way more chillax clothing!) and got some grocery shopping done.  Thank you! 

The only good thing about Mark being sick is that when Sky is sick all she wants is her Daddy, so him being home means they can be miserable together. 

We did make it to stroller group today and Sky was a trooper.  She wasn’t fussy at all…totally pleasant the entire time!  I love my little running partner! 

No pics today, it’s been a very unglamorous snot filled day.

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