Sky Fly

Just finished a 5.26 run with the run club, and feel pretty good.  Blisters are an issue again tonight, but sadly I’m used to it.  So hopeful that new shoes will help…next week…I can hardly wait! 

I was looking at my training log and noticed I more than doubled my miles this month.  Answers the question in my mind as to why my feet are giving me more issues the last week or two.  Blisters, bruising and a little tendon pain in the arch on the same foot that bothered me for my 1/2. 

The good thing is I feel good, not too tired, legs are not overly sore, I feel like I can decide to run up to 10 miles on a whim and be ok, so that is good.  I have changed my form and stride drastically but not the brand and model of shoe, so I really think/hope that getting fitted and seeing what shoe is now the best for me will help with the couple of issues I am having. 

Stroller group in the morning, then rest day Thursday.  I’m so looking forward to that!  Even though rest day means workout instead of running, at least it’s a break from running.   

Thought I would share a picture of our brave little dare devil of a girl.  This is currently her absolute favorite thing to do.  She will free fall onto the pillows, jump up, climb back up and free fall again over and over and over.  Her lack of fear is starting to worry me a bit.  😉

Notice the apron…it’s mine again.  She insists on putting hers on every time I put one of mine on to cook, which means hers is in the wash a lot, so she ends up in mine more than I do!  I’m waiting for the day she wants to wear it out and about. 

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