Happy Monday

Yesterday’s 6.65 miles went well!  We kept a 9:30 ish pace (we had stretches that were closer to 8:00!) for all but miles 4 and 5.  That was because we started fast and had nothing left when the hills hit.

I have come to learn that it’s import to know when to push through and when to stop and recover.  I have pushed through many times and was trying to do so yesterday, but it just wasn’t happening.  So, when Elya said let’s walk I almost dropped to my knees and kissed her feet!  When your runners shuffle is slower than a walk then it’s time to walk it out for a bit and pick it up again when you can.  We ran fast leading up to those two miles, and we ran fast after. 

I felt great about our pace, even with the walking.  I hesitate to say what I think our goal should be for our 10K, but it’s a good one.  It’s a flat course, so who knows what will happen, but I have a good feeling that we are going to be fast!  

Wireless Saturday update…it’s going well!  I actually love being free from all of it.  It has led me to deleting the games off my phone, so I’m not sucked into wasting time that way during the week.  I’m reading more, getting things done, and projects are being accomplished.  Not to mention that Sky is getting more and more attention from us. 

I have to say I think everyone should pick a day and disconnect! 

Yesterday Sky wanted her blocks, I was out of the room for 1.5 seconds and this is what I came back to…her on top of her table pleased as can be. 

For a 21 month old her ability to focus on something for extended lengths of time, and her patience to persist and try and try again until she is able to accomplish what she wants it pretty impressive.  I lost track of how many attempts it took, but she finally built this tower to her satisfaction. 

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