Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for our big old cuddly love bug of a dog Bishop. Sky loves Oh Boy, her name for him, so much. 

When I suggested we let him in this morning she started twirling in circles while running to the back door at the same time. 

He is big enough that he could easily put an end to the eye poking, chasing with the stroller, hair pulling, using him as a pillow, chasing him around the house, kicking him out of his napping spot behind the couch, constantly having fingers stuck in his mouth to check out his teeth shenanigans that Sky pulls with him on a daily basis.

But he doesn’t.  He LOVES the attention (except for the darn stroller chasing) and really loves all the cuddles, and kisses, she gives him.  They are best friends and I love him for putting up with toddlerhood so well. 

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