Missing Toenails and Strange Bruises

Ran the new route with the Stroller Group today, and didn’t get lost!!!  Proud of myself for that.  Also proud of Beth, one of the walkers, who ended up being the only walker today, so joined us on the run instead.  She did great!!! 

It’s hard to make that jump unexpectedly, especially when there are 3 other runners ready to go, but she was brave and she did it!!!  It was a good pace too. 

Thank you to Elya who was kiddo free today and took turns pushing our strollers, she is such a team player! 

3.08 miles with an 11 minute pace.  Not bad at all for a bunch of stroller pushing mommies! 

It’s funny to me that I’m losing toenails and have nasty, nasty, nasty looking bruising on the bottom of some of my toes.  The last time that happened I was 1/2 training and my weekly mileage was the highest it had ever been, so totally understandable.  Although, last week I almost doubled my miles, and felt great doing it, so I guess it’s understandable. 

It is a bit shocking to take the dark polish off and get ready to file the nails down and have two of them disintegrate in front of you eyes!  They don’t hurt, but I’m faced with the dilemma of do I paint the skin so it looks like a toenail, or do I leave it bare and have toes with no color on them?

What do others do, would love to hear how you handle losing your nails.  I’m not a girly girl by any means, but one thing I like, and do every 2 weeks, is paint my toenails and file them down so they look nice, and so they don’t bother me while running.  It’s almost flip flop time so I need to figure this out!!! 

As for the bruising it’s the same toes as during 1/2 training and while it looks nasty it does not hurt at all.  As long as it doesn’t hurt I’m not worried about it! 

Have not been taking any cute Sky pics the last few days, sorry.  I will work on that tomorrow though.  We have a full day of no plans and just staying home and playing, so there should be some good ones. 

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