Kitchen Gadgets

Kinda took a blog break for a few days.  Been busy running, playing with Sky, hiking, going to a movie with Mark, and enjoying him having today off!     

I have gotten a few new kitchen gadgets that I love so much I just have to share! 

I actually have a nice, big, food processor, but most the time I only need one onion chopped, or a few things chopped that are going into a one pot meal.  I wore out my little 2 sup chopper that was really only good for 1/2 an onion at a time.  I got this Ninja chopping system to replace it and I love it!  It came with 4 containers and they stack on top of each other nicely.  I thing I have used it every day since I got it! 

These cute little measuring cups measure up to 4 liquid tablespoons.  Did you know that liquid measuring cups measure things different than non-liquid?  Meaning a cup of water in a liquid measurer is a different amount than if measured in a measuring cup that you would use for flour.  I do a lot of marinades and am constantly measuring 2 tablespoons of oil or vinegar or fish sauce and have been using measuring spoons until now!  Now I have mini liquid measuring cups so I will always have the exact right amount!  Found them at World Market.        

So this one is kind of silly.  I think I have one recipe that called for a mortar and pestle and I didn’t have one.  I forget now what I did instead, but I’m sure I found a workaround of some sort.  When I was at World Market I saw this mini set and thought that I should probably have it, you know to have a fully functional kitchen and all.  Actually I made something the other day that had saffron I it, and I thought I would need to crush the saffron to use it, but ended up I didn’t.  So now I have this and am not sure when/if I will ever use it, but it is a mini set and was only a few $ so I’m ok holding onto it.    

I love these containers. Did you hear me?  I LOVE these containers.  OXO Pop Top food storage for things like raisins, crackers, chips, rice, flour, sugar, pasta etc.  Only problem is they are expensive.  From $7.99 up to close to $20 per depending on the size.  I was so excited that Costco had a set of 8 for $50.  I already filled up those ones and am going to get another set next time I’m there. 

Lastly I got more measuring spoons.  My pampered chef ones died a slow and painful death in the dishwasher, and I regularly need 2 to 3 full sets when I’m cooking.  Now I’m all set!   

Speaking of the kitchen…I’m off to make roasted chicken legs and risotto.  Oh, and enjoying wine, it’s national drink wine day! 

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