Thankful Friday

Since I missed yesterday’s Thankful Thursday post I’m making it Thankful Friday, because I think being thankful is important. 

Things I’m Thankful For:

-That grandpa’s surgery went well yesterday.  While he had a slight issue with blood pressure and heart beat during the surgery he is fine, and the surgery was a success.  We are now waiting for pathology results. 

-I was very thankful that Dad gave me some $$ so I could get some shopping done.  Since I was up there, and Dad and Grandpa were on their way home before lunch, I took advantage of the alone time and popped over to U Village and the Athleta shop! 

I got this running skirt: Running Skirt in dress blue and I got this hiking/travel skirt: Hiking Skirt in raspberry, and I love them both!  I so wish we had an Athleta store in Tacoma! 

Sorry for no pictures…haven’t had time to do it.  First time I put them on I will get some pics. 

-I was also thankful for finding a pizza place in the village to have lunch and read my book.  It had a tiny little bar with 4 bistro tables so I pretty much had it to myself.  Best part was I have been craving pizza for weeks and weeks, so was nice to have a few slices of the good stuff! 

-I’m also thankful that Mark and Sky got to spend the day together at the zoo.  She LOVES her daddy! 

-Only half joking I was also very thankful for a great bottle of wine last night.  After a very early start to the day and lot’s of driving it was nice to relax with Mark over a bottle of wine. 

I’m looking forward to a 3 day weekend with Mark and whatever fun the weekend brings our way! 

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