Chilling Out

This was all Sky wanted to do this morning…

She was so chill in her chair.  But I had other ideas.  Had to get our stroller run on.  Spent some time working on the blisters so they wouldn’t kill me on the run.  We had a great group today and best part was Winnona joined us!  Gave me the incentive I needed to get it done.  Plus we did a new route.  The N end is so pretty that the 3.03 miles went by quickly and my feet didn’t even register.  They hurt now though.  😦 

Taking a running break until the weekend.  In comparison I have had much, much worse blister issues, so a few days of rest and I should be good to go. 

Now just waiting for Grandpa and Great Grandpa to get here.  Sky will sleep well tonight after playing all afternoon with those two.

Surgery is tomorrow for Grandpa.  Not looking forward to the early check in time, but at least there won’t be any traffic at 4 something in the morning! 

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