Thankful Thursday P.S.

 I LOVE Thursday’s with Sky.  It’s the day I try to keep it slow and easy and stay home, or maybe head to Frog and Kiwi.  But, regardless I try not to run errands or do other things that have to be planned around snack time and nap time. 

Today, Sky helped (not in the sarcastic way…she actually did really try to help) with laundry, dishes, and dinner. 

We pretty much had an all day dance party.  Girl breaks it down no matter what music is playing.  Today she kept changing it to the Old School R&B station and was slow dance swaying all over the place. 

She threw the ball for Bishop, which I think she enjoys more than he does, but he plays along and takes the ball back to her.  She also got some balance bike time in, and ran laps around the kitchen while pushing her stroller. 

I’m thankful for a day home with my girl.  It’s nice to have some calm before things get busy in the next few days. 

Snack time after helping me get dinner in the oven. 

Loves her bike!

Loves her stacking toy as well!

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