Tuesday Night Run Club

I test-ran this beautiful and colorful top last night…

…another Athleta top that fits great and stays in place.  Loved it!  Thank you Dad for the backordered Christmas gift. It’s kinda fun getting unexpected things in the mail like that.  🙂

Michelle and I laced up our big girl running shoes and joined the 6 mile group last night.  Totally unplanned and unexpected.  Good for us!  That group scares me they are fast, and I have heard they don’t wait for the slower runners.  So, if you don’t know the route you are SOL, and we don’t know the route and we are slower than the group! 

Thankfully last night Matt was running clean-up and making sure everyone made it back.  He also let us know there was a 5 mile short cut, so we agreed we would do that since this was totally spur of the moment.  We took the 5 mile short cut and the 6 milers still finished before us…go turtles!  🙂 

Matt was great, he is one of those runners that can talk no matter the wind in your face, rain and hills.  He got us through the 5.08 miles no problem.  I actually felt much better than expected.  Most of my runs have been 3 to 4 miles and unmotivated, so I was surprised at how good I felt.  Next week we are doing the whole thing! 

Hello 10K training! 

Now, to get myself ready and out the door for Stroller Group.  I have a feeling my legs are going to hate me today! 

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