Super Bowl Wrap Up

My thoughts (because people care what I think)…

-Hands down best commercial of the SB (in my opinion best commercial ever) the Ram Farmer commercial.

-All the hype about the “Geek Kissing” commercial is offensive to me.  The negative and derogatory reaction borders on bullying.  It’s brilliant because it’s all people are talking about, but some of the comments I have heard are just inappropriate and mean.

-Fans need to understand that every football game has “bad” or “missed” calls, things like the power going out happen etc.  Stop bitching about it!  Yep, it sucks, but it’s a game being run and called by imperfect people therefor mistakes are going to happen.  Every team has one job and one job only, play well enough and score enough points that none of that “looses” the game for you.  Bottom line is every team wins or looses based on how well or bad they played. 

-Steelers still have the most SB wins!  Thank you Ravens for that. 

-While I think all the musical performers have beautiful voices and sounded good I didn’t care for any of them.  Jennifer Hudson is a Diva with a bad attitude and it bothered me she was who was singing with the children’s choir.  Alicia did a good job, but it was WAY TO SLOW, and she added her own twist at the end…the National Anthem isn’t a song you should change at all.  Beyoncé, it was just too long.  She sounded good, there were no wardrobe issues, the stage show was flashy, she looked beautiful, but all that aside I am so sick of her and Jay-Z both.  They think they run the world, but they don’t. 

-It was really fun watching the game with Gentry and Jan, and the Louisiana Red Beans and Andouille sausage turned out really well.  Not sure I love it over rice, but I can play with that. 

Before the game Sky helped Daddy outside…

…and she was nice enough to share her chair with Grampy…


All in all it was a good day of football.  I’m excited for Kaep…yeah they lost, but I think he has a bright future ahead of him.  I just hope the Steelers get a SB win before the 49’ers get their next one!  🙂

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