Last night was Michelle’s birthday dinner at the Girl From Ipanema in Seattle.  A steak  meat house that brings hunks/sides/whole animals on a spit and slices off pieces of it onto your plate to try.  All different cuts of beef, wild bore, pork, turkey, shrimp, grilled pineapple with cinnamon, cuts of meat wrapped in yummy bacon, and on and on. 

I did a great job of limiting what I tried, because as someone who loves grilled meat it is way, way too easy to overeat and be sick to your stomach.  I was actually hungry at 3 this morning because I ate so little. 

All the great food aside here is what impressed me the most!  Aside from the birthday girl that is.  🙂 

I must find this wine, or find how to order it.  Amazing!  So good I would like to take a bath in it!!! 

On tap for today…

Voo Doo beer to go with my authentic Louisiana Red Beans and Andouille sausage for the big game! 

Contrary to popular belief we/I don’t drink non-stop, and are very rarely ever drunk. 

And, I have not been paid and did not reliever any free samples for mentioning the above beverages.  While I wish my blog led to free samples and paid endorsements, it doesn’t.  I share what I like out of the goodness of my heart.  🙂 

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