A Few Things

Cute pic alert…

I so wish I knew what Reagan was pointing at and saying, but Sky sure was paying attention to her whatever it was. 

– Does anyone really care of the singing is live or not at SB?  Who even watches the half time show?  The last time I watched one was when Aerosmith performed. 

-I totally get the winning a ring for the player that is retiring thing…hello Steelers and The Bus!  So why is it so f’ing annoying with Ray Lewis and the Ravens?  I’m so SICK of RL and so over it! 

-Kaep is a visual quandary.  He has the components to be good looking (beautiful skin tone, good bone structure, fit etc) yet things are put together in a way that makes him not as good looking as he should be, or as I want him to be. 

Cute Pic alert…

She was just keeping it warm for Harrison!

-Registered for a 10K in March.  It will be my first “road” (it’s the Orting trail, but it’s a paved trail) 10K, so is an auto PR.  That is always a bonus!  I’m running this one with Elya and we seem to know how to get the best out of each other, so I’m anticipating a decent time on this one. 

-Looking forward to getting dressed up and going out to dinner tomorrow night, Sky free.  I love her, but sometimes you just need a break.  Plus, we get to celebrate Michelle’s B-day.

Cute Pic alert…

I love this pic of Reagan…I’m not sure what that face means, but it cracked me up.  There are way more pics from today that Jodi took with her camera…I just haven’t had a chance to upload them yet.  I will do that in the next few days. 

-Unplugged day is tomorrow, and it has me seriously considering turning FB off for good.  I have to say I kinda love not checking in and not seeing every random thought/activity/opinion that is posted.  The less I check FB the more I actually have to talk about with people when I see them in person. 
-After last nights Relay team meeting I’m actually excited for the event! 
-My efforts at being a better cross trainer are paying off!  I’m sore in places I haven’t been sore in a long time, and my running clothes are starting to feel big.  That’s good, and bad…there is a lot of $$$ in my current running wardrobe! 
-I use … a lot!
-So looking forward to enjoying the last Football Sunday of the season.  Can’t wait to cook some traditional Louisiana style food and enjoy some beer!  And, all the commercials.  SB may be the only football game all season that I wait for the game to take potty breaks! 
Who do you want to win the big game?  Me…my crush on Kaep (despite the looks issue stated earlier) and Mark’s brother Brian being a BIG 49’ers fan dictate we are 49’ers all the way.  Even though I will be watching the game in my Steelers stuff.  🙂 
Happy running to those running this weekend and enjoy the big game!     

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