No Cute Pic Today

No cute Sky pics today.  Sorry…I know that is the only reason anyone reads this blog. 

Started the day with Stroller Run Club that turned into Stroller Walking Club for me since no other runners showed up.  I had a really great time, very nice ladies, and one of them has a new running route in mind and is going to scout it with me!

I like having options, and I know my running ladies well enough to know when we can take a little more time and go a bit longer and when to stick to the usual route. 

Sky spent the afternoon at the parents which allowed me to run some “me” specific errands.  Once of them being inspection time for my wedding ring and earrings.  I LOVE how pretty and sparkly my ring looks after inspection time.  Small things make me happy. 

Sky says, “I love Daddy” for the first time today!  I tell you that little girl possesses the power to get whatever she wants from whomever she wants.  It’s takes all our willpower to stand firm and instill the values we believe in!

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