I’m Back

After missing a month of Tuesday Night Run Club it felt great to be back!!!  It’s still a faster pace than I like to start with and it’s cold, and dark, and was windy, but I was out there and it felt good.  I was able to focus on form, specifically my arms.  Being free and loose and keeping everything going forward and not crossing in front of my body at all. 

Still have not taken on the metronome and the 180 cadence, I’m a little scared of that, but I’ll get there. 

Sky and I started the day at Play To Learn which was fun.  It’s a bit more structured than she is used to, so circle/singing time is a bit of a struggle, but she has fun for the most part.  Thankfully I’m pretty good at picking up on her I’m done signs.  We left before she lost it. 

After a not long enough nap it was time for art and to play outside. 

She loves her balance bike! 
Our little budding artist..

Pencil and paper…great way to keep her happy while I do the dishes.

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