Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful I was able to fill in for dodge ball last night!  It was nice to get out there, spend time with friends, get two strong wins, yet not have the weekly commitment on my schedule. 

Was a good time, and I wasn’t sore from the morning run, so my legs were not shot like they have been in past seasons. 

Yesterday’s stroller run was challenging, was just me and one other runner (we had 7 walkers though!) and we talked the entire time.  I’m not a talker when I run, it’s hard for me, so it felt like a double workout.  But, it was fun and went by fast, even though it was a slower pace. 

Given the fact I haven’t run in a week due to Sky being sick, me having a cold, and appointments it felt harder than it should have for sure. 

Sky still has a cold and is not sleeping well at night.  I can hear her coughing all night.  She usually makes it home from our run before crashing, but not yesterday. 

I love her clasped hands!
What I didn’t love about this nap…her 20 minutes in the car was it, she woke up when I tried to put her in the crib at home and while I left her in there so I could shower, she was yelling at me the entire time.  The last thing she needs when she has a cold is less sleep! 
It’s a rest day today for both of us.  Taking it easy around the house today, try saying no a bit less so there is less frustration on her part.  Tempers are shorter when not feeling well!  

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