From the Kitchen and Other Stuff

From the Kitchen:
My helpful tip of the day is to use this for more than what it’s intended…

It may seem like a simple egg slicer but it will also very nicely slice strawberries, olives, mushrooms, grapes, kiwi, and banana.  And, I’m sure there is more, that is just the list of things I have used mine for.  I use my egg slicer all the time and it’s hardly ever for eggs!

Other Stuff:
This Saturday is the first Saturday that there isn’t any football!  That means it’s our first official unplugged Saturday.  No computer, TV, and constant cell phone checking.  My plan is to put my phone on vibrate and check it a couple times during the day for missed calls or text messages, because as stated before we are not trying to be antisocial, just trying to me less connected a day a week. 

I was able to get away for a few hours last night and enjoy some wine and appetizer with Michelle.  I don’t know when the last time we just sat and talked, just the two of us was.  It was long overdue and much needed!  (Thank you Dad for that!)

So looking forward to getting a run in today while Sky naps.  I hardly ever get to run alone anymore, I don’t actually remember the last time I did so.  I have a 5 mile loop from my house through the park and back that I’m looking forward to.  Will see if the bit of a cold I’m dealing with allows for it.

Manti – what the  heck dude…that’s all I’m saying about that. 

Lance – while we wanted to believe in you I don’t think you were really fooling anyone.  Way overdue and too late. 

Sunday’s games – I’m calling it…9’ers and Ravens for the wins. 

A few cute Sky pics to wrap up the week…

See that high chair in the background…she is so over it.  She wants to use her booster and sit at the table like a big girl.  Kinda makes me sad.  At least for breakfast she lets me put the tray on it so I can turn her around and do dishes etc while she eats.  Huge time saver for me! 

The last cute high chair pic ever.  😦

Loves snagging Mark’s hats! 
I LOVE her Carhart overalls!  Sky says, “what the heck is this thing?”

She stole my spot on the couch!
For those of you racing run strong and everyone have a wonderful weekend!  

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