Strange Day

Really…the Broncos lost to the Ravens?  Whatever.  The 49’rs won though!  I like me some Kaepernick!  Watching football was about all I could do today. 

I got up early to get ready for my run, but had a sore throat and given the cold, freezing to the point that I can’t open the doors on my car or the camp trailer type of cold, I decided that running in said cold weather was not a great idea for my throat. 

Sadly, the small thing I’m thankful for today is that I bailed on running with Elya.  Not 5 minutes after I texted her I had a migraine, head hurt, eyes blurry, nauseous all day migraine.  Have not had one of those in a very long time, and would have hated to deal with that while running.

Somehow I still managed to take Sky to Frog n Kiwi to play, no it did not help my head in the least, but she needed to get out of the house and run around like crazy and not hear No.  Since Mark was working on the bathroom all day I got to take her.  It was a little selfish on my part though…she naps much better after playing like that, and I needed the Sky free time to just be still and let my eyes and head rest.

Oh, and yes that was me that was leaving with a kicking, screaming, arms waving around like crazy, hitting me in the face child.  Fun times let me tell you. 

While Sky was a bit of a pill today she was also really cuddly.  She just wanted attention and closeness.  I wasn’t at the top of my mommy game today, but at least she made it easy to mommy from the couch for the most part. 

Tomorrow will be another couch day since the meds and the aftermath of that much pain, leave me feeling like I’m hung over or going through withdrawals the next day.  Sky and I will lay low, watch more football, and probably sneak in some outside time here and there.  Has to be short and quick stints outside because it is not warming up during the day at all. 

BTW – no worries Dad, I eventually did get the frozen trailer door open and the heat is going.  Should be nice and cozy by the time you get here.   

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