From The Kitchen & Other Things

No recipe today.  I’m sharing my excitement over our new Food Saver!  We have been talking and talking about a FS for at least 2 years, and finally we have one.  It’s not a super high end one, but it seems as if it will be perfect for us, and was a great price.  I have only used it once, totally easy, and got the job done, so I’m happy so far. 

I’m really excited that I can now pretend like I’m a highly trained chef on a cooking show by doing quick marinades in vacuum sealed bags!!!  Oh yeah, the science of cooking in action in my kitchen!! 

I also discovered the grocery Disneyland that is Cash and Carry!  Never thought I would say this, but it’s so much better than Costco!  The only drawback is, you have to really like whatever it is you are getting because you are getting like 25 pounds of it at a time!  We don’t have room to store pounds and pounds of stuff.  The meat packages are crazy low prices, but I only get one kind of meat at a time, come home break it down into 1lb packages and FS them in the freezer.  Can’t wait to have a 2nd freeze so I can store more frozen items. 

Not as much variety as Costco either, but the low prices make it worth stopping there first to get what I can then finish up at Costco!   

BTW – Cash and Carry also has great kitchen supplies, industrial kitchen supplies (I was like a kid in a candy store!) and not everything is huge quantities.  Some stuff like spices and fish sauce for example were still larger sizes than grocery stores, but better priced and not so large that you won’t use it before it’s shelf life is up. 

For stuff like rice, salt, quinoa we ordered some food safe emergency prep buckets (click HERE for the site we ordered them from) that hold 20 lbs of goods.  We are really working on our emergency preparedness and have created storage in the garage.  It’s kinda nice because I grocery shop in the garage to fill the pantry and rotate the food stores so nothing will go bad.  We are far from being as prepared as experts say you should be, but we are off to a good start!   

That’s what’s been going on in my kitchen as of late. 

In other news we said good bye to Ollie yesterday.  Don’t really care to say much about it, just didn’t want people to see camping pics etc with Bishop and think we leave Ollie behind or something. 

Spent some time playing outside in the freezing cold with Bishop.  He has never been good at fetch.  He will chase the ball and get it, but only bring it half way back and no matter how hard we try we end up having to get the darn ball ourselves.  Enter Sky…she is happy to grab it as soon as he drops it and bring it back to me so I can toss it again.  With the two of them working together I get a complete game of fetch in and they both get exercise! 

She loves being outside, even when her hands are lobster red from the cold. 
She also loves hummus and why I thought it was a good idea to give her a container of it and not help I don’t know…

 By the time she was done is was squished between all her fingers, in her hair, all over her face, ground into her cloths…lot’s of fun for me to clean up!


The small thing I’m thankful for today…going to traffic court and getting my ticket for expired tabs cut in 1/2!  They expired in July, got pulled over in November…never received a notice in the mail or via email.  Not only that when I got home we found that the truck, camper, and utility trailer were expired as well.  We had not been notified at all and had no idea.  Went that same day paid for all of them, and the judge was very understanding today.  The ticket was more than all 4 tab fees together were so am very thankful he knocked it down for me. 
Been a low running week…hoping to get in a shorter fast paced run, and longer easier paced run this weekend.  And, looking forward to watching football this weekend!   

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