5 Miles of Therapy

5 Mile Drive was just what I needed this morning!

It’s one of those runs that I hate thinking about, but once I’m up that first hill I’m good to go. 

We ran it the opposite direction and I must say that is my preference!  It was nice to run with a strong group of ladies, we have different paces, but are good at pushing each other up those hills!  Not thinking about anything other than how to get up each hill without slowing down too much was kinda nice.  

That’s the great thing about running…you don’t have to say a word about what is bothering you to feel better about it.  Love finishing a run and feeling physically worn out yet mentally refreshed.  

4.86 miles (it’s not actually 5 miles, I have been told that there is an actual start and finish spot that makes it 5 even, but I have yet to find such a spot and none of the other runners I know have found it either) of hills with a 10:01 pace…feel good about that!  48 ish minutes…fastest I have run 5 Mile Drive!   

Thankful to not be doing much the rest of the day other than cooking, hanging with Sky and Mark and watching football.  Nice day for some down time! 

Sky lounging in her chair while I lounge on the couch and Daddy was lounging in his chair, all watching the first game.  She has decided that playing the drum with her feet is much better than with the drum sticks.  Creative little thing!   

2 thoughts on “5 Miles of Therapy

  1. With all that is going on in our lives, I love going on this blog and seeing that little girls magical smiling face, she gives your dad I so much joy just to see that smile. I feel so blessed to be a part of this Mansfield family, and watch the dignity you and Steve have shown thru all the family trials, This trip to Seattle is going to be really hard on Steve, I am so thank-ful he has a Daughter as wonderful as you, and that little amazing girl to come home to each night. Take care of my wonderful man and kisses to Sky. I love you both so much Mom2


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