Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful to have a slow easy day home with Sky.  The last 5 to 6 weeks have been so busy.  Good busy, but busy, with lot’s of go, go, going. 

Today, we lounged around having breakfast, watched some of the Today show, something I haven’t done since the school shooting, did P90X Yoga with zero help from Sky! 

Her idea of helping was waiting until I was balanced in a pose and then walking up and head butting me over and over until I fell over.  She also thought it was great fun to sit on my back as I pushed up into plank and then slide down my butt and legs as I pushed from there into downward facing dog.

Then she rested in her crib with books, but didn’t sleep, while I took a quick shower, we had lunch, played outside with the dogs and finally at 2 she was sort of ready for a nap.  Have a bit of nap time now to blog and get the dishes done and start dinner.  I want to be read to go for the Duck’s game tonight! 

I don’t get many days anymore that are just her and I hanging out having fun with each other in pj’s at home, so I’m really thankful when it does happen.


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